Land for lease in Kansas for Archery 2021 Deer and Turkey

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    My brother and I have 355 acres of ground in unit 14 by Admire KS . It has roughly 70 acres of crop ground,
    40 acres of timber, the rest is pasture. It has 1.40 miles (roughly) of One Hundred Forty-two Mile Creek running through it. There is a good timbered draw in the pasture about .5 miles long. The elevation of the land and timber make good area for deer to travel. We have just planted about 1335 trees, two thirds is Walnut, and one third is Bur Oak we did mix in 25 hickory and 25 pecans. We plan on adding a several Apple and Cherry trees.
    We would like to lease this ground for 2021 Archery Deer Season and also for 2021 Spring Turkey Season. Where would be the best place to advertise this ground ?
    If you are interested Text me at #620.794.3441 and I will call you back (If a call shows unknown number I figure the call is usually a scam caller) I am getting a few pictures together that I can email and also an Ariel photo for the property and the adjoining property's so that you can see how our property fits in the surrounding area.

    Thanks, Lex

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