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IL. Bowfishers Team and Bowfisher of the Year

Discussion in 'Illinois Bowfishers Club' started by deer_predator, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Ok the results are in... For Bowfisher of the year there was a fight tooth and nail!!!.. It was between Joe Pike and Johnny B.. The end result is :

    Joe Pike 270pts

    Johnny B 310pts...

    I am sure if Joe didn't have boat problems it would have even been closer!!!..

    Congrats to Johnny B.. The 2011 Illinois Bowfisher of the year!! [​IMG]

    Now for the Team of the Year.. With only 2 teams entering points the standins are :

    Team Ruff n- Reatty - 40pts

    Team Outdoors Experience - 91 pts

    Congrats to Team Outdoors Experience... The reigning 2011 Illinois Bowfishers Team of the Year!!


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