I have discovered the Vogt technique online.

Discussion in 'Intro to Bowhunting & Archery' started by ironduck, Feb 3, 2022.

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    Fort Sill, Oklahoma
    It seems most logical for barebow archery methods of aiming and firing.

    Do any bow hunters or target archers here use these techniques?

    Mr. Vogt claims that Olympic archers use the chin anchor and not the side of the face to avoid parallax. There is also string walking or counting fingers to form a gap between the draw hand and the arrow nock. I was an expert rifleman in the army. I understand consistency in aim is key to scoring hits downrange.

    Mr. Mark Vogt seems to have a no-nonsense approach to trad bow marksmanship.

    This bloke in the following video just talks a bunch of rocket science mumbo jumbo that's hard to follow.

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    I don't know about the finger movement but I'm rt hand left eye dominate. I do not use sights on either recurve or compound. I have always line my shots up tip of arrow to target. With out thinking at dusk I can walk past my target, no measured distance draw as I turn and get closer grouped kill shots than what he shows. It's instinct....practice,practice, practice. I'll have to see what his method does...Though muscle memory from years...thinking it won't look pretty.

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