I-60 Trail Cam Question.

Discussion in 'Trail Cameras' started by Guest, Aug 22, 2008.

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    I recently purcashed one and it is great."I-60" trail cam"
    I have one question.
    which no one seems to be able to explain
    to my understanding why a I-60 Moultrie
    has a beacon as mine does which is
    supposed to locate the unit.
    It is said to lite up the IR flash.
    which would not be to visible in the day time
    and not have that little red glow except at night/
    But,,,, why have a locator unless it triggers
    a sound or beeping noise to find
    ones trail cam .
    I asked moultrie and they said to read the instructions.
    they are very clear. The key chain can remotely
    activate a picture to be taken and a beacon locator.
    I would like to understand how to use this.
    Even if i cannot use this to locate a lost camera
    in the woods. The I-60 just cannot be beat.
    It would be easy to use the same remote
    to turn on a chirping or beeping noise.

    Jeff W.

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