Hunting with MBG dual trac (2 pin slider)

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by WhiteMike, Sep 24, 2023.

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    North Idaho
    I’m curious if anyone here hunts with the black gold dual trac, and how you have the pins set. I hunt northern Idaho public land and my
    Shots can vary from 20 to over 70 yards. 70 is the absolute farthest shot I will confidently take. I love the sight picture I get with the 2 pins that give a single pin sight picture, but having to adjust the slider in the heat of the moment is a big draw back. I’d like to set up and range various points that he could possibly come in and not have to adjust my slider because that will not always be an option. They are currently set at 20 and 30, but looking for suggestions on where to set them and then just aim accordingly on the animal without having to adjust after I practice enough to know the proper shot placement aim point. Does anyone else with the dual trac use this method? I love this sight for marksmanship and really want to make it work for hunting but I’m starting to have some doubts. Just want to add that I’m primarily talking about elk hunting.
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    I have three of them and also a spot Hogg double pin.

    When I hunt open county with a double pin for mule deer, lope caribou moose Ect. I go 30 -45, the out past 45 I take the time to dial for yardage.
    The key keeping a 15 yard gap with any of todays bows is easy.
    Make sure you zero stop at 20

    Then you can keep in on 20-35
    25-40, 30-45, or even 35-50 depending on the topography
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