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    Mafojani Safaris is a 5000ha hunting concession in South Africa. There are 18 plains game species and Buffalo available for hunting on either Trophy or Management hunts.
    There is also a high standard lodge where families and friends can be afforded a comfortable retirement after a hunting day.
    For more information regarding hunting or booking please contact us on [email protected] /[email protected] or give us a call at +27 83 554 9692 / +27 76 057 9138
    HO-ZA /LP /94107
    PH-ZA /LP /90710 FB_IMG_1592902753859.jpeg FB_IMG_1592902758476.jpeg FB_IMG_1592902767108.jpeg FB_IMG_1592902788573.jpeg FB_IMG_1592902776499.jpeg FB_IMG_1592902780611.jpeg FB_IMG_1592902792190.jpeg FB_IMG_1592902784907.jpeg

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