Hoyt RX-3 Carbon REDWRX

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    Hoyt RX-3 carbon Realtree camo with treadz flo green strings/peep sight. Hamskea Trinity rest, Axcel AV-41 one pin sight, shrewd stabilizers, 6 Easton full metal jacket arrows (300gram), and 2 packs of green nocks. Comes with Hoyt soft sided case.

    Currently set to 70lbs and 29” draw length. Purchased end of Nov 2019, only shot a handful of times.

    Paid $1300 for the bow and have $1000 into accessories, asking $1800 for it all. 357BDE31-901C-40C5-AA1C-1823F4D9BC67.jpeg 9E21E3E6-0253-4AD7-8EF9-A0A8920E6DAB.jpeg D9AD9878-1F71-4F69-97B0-781553156288.jpeg

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