How Much Seed Do I Plant for Food Plots?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting Talk' started by Staff, Jul 31, 2019.

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    Antler King.. SMH.
    Whitetail Institute and maybe I'll listen. A old farmer and you have my attention.
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    Hhmmm. Well can't say from experience I agree with that video.
    1. Not all areas are equal, some are pure ag country with different goals. In that, it could be strictly dairy. Thus corn ,clover,alfalfa, oats. All of these get nearly shaved to dirt by fall. No lush fields there. Some could be crop farms. One and done with a fall cover crop. Then there are geographic areas . Spring ,summer,fall,and WINTER. Mountainous,or flat. Timber country or wide open. The combination of all this. All this effects what animals need and when.
    2. Herds, some areas are sick with deer some just aren't. Land size to holding dynamics. That is in Bucks do not bed where the doe are during the first part of the year. In example. I have just 73 acres once antler growth starts in early spring, I never see a buck until velvet drop. Unless it is a yearling. Doe drop and raise fawn here all summer.
    Buck show up in fall.
    Now that can change with what I plant and effect my hunting big time. I planted beans and hemp with annual clover one year. Wow what great summer velvet pics I got...They pushed the doe off and then during season went to them. It was a lonely sit on stand that year. See I live in a mixed hill ag area of dairy,beef,and crop farms. We are in big timber between crops. There is tons of hard and soft mass. Those doe demand their space over their feed ,because they have plenty of food every where. So there is a whole lot that goes into what, where, when and how to plant food plots.
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