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    I posted a question last night but I figured it would be a good idea to introduce myself here as well.

    I got my first bow in 2010 in college from a guy I knew who hunted. It was an older Mathews bow (can't remember the model) that was set at 70 pounds, 30 inch draw length, no peep sight, no d-loop and just overall a horrible bow setup for me. I shot it for a couple of weeks, decided I didn't like archery and sold it for what I originally paid to someone else.

    Fast forward a couple years and two shoulder surgeries later. I had been hunting for a few years and it killed me that bowhunters can spend so much extra time in the woods that I didn't get to. I decided to get a bow but with the shoulder surgeries I knew that I couldn't pull 70 pounds. I ended up with the Diamond Infinite Edge since it would allow me to set the weight extremely low and work my way up without having to buy a new bow or modules. Through lots of practice and a few tweaks and upgrades I was able to end up with a bow that I was very confident in and it felt good. Last season was my first year hunting with it and I didn't end up tagging a deer with the bow but, it was nice to get out in the woods more.

    This past summer got away from me and I was finally getting around to getting my bow set up for hunting season 2 weeks ago. I took it to the local archery shop and talked with the people there for a little while. Looking at my bow, they told me that I would need new strings and cables (which I figured given the age) plus a few other little things and after doing a little math we realized that selling the old Diamond and putting the cash towards a new bow would leave me out about the same amount of money as just setting up the Diamond but have a way nicer setup so I went ahead and got a Hoyt Powermax. I got the combo with all of the fuse accessories and swapped out some of the accessories that came with it for the ones that I had put on the Diamond as I upgraded it. Now it's just a matter of can I get this bow dialed in perfectly to me and get lucky enough in a tree stand this year to tag my first deer with a bow.

    Thank you to the people that have been helping me out on the other thread getting this new bow tuned and I look forward to meeting more of you in the future.

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