Great new gutting knives.

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    Ok i know there are guys on here who have gutted way more deer than me but i would still say ive gutted ALOT in my lifetime. I never really had a favorite knife that stuck. Seemed they were either too big and cumbersome or just didnt feel right. I switched to a havalon and wow. I was impressed and used it for a couple years. Kept hearing about the blades coming off inside animal….hmm, never happened to me? Then it did. One time was enough. Threw the thing in a drawer. So i figured out that i really liked the size blade of the havalon. i like a small blade that i can control and not be a hazard in the cavity when my other hand is in there. After going to a quality knife store in my area i picked up 2 different ones that felt awesome in my hands.
    The Esee “Cody Rowen” $75
    And the LionSteel “Molletta” $125
    Used them to gut a few deer this weekend. One for me, my uncle, and cousin.
    They both performed awesome. Cant decide which one i like better. Now these were purchased solely for gutting. Skinning and processing i use Victorinox boning knives.
    So if you are like i was and looking for a great gutting knife these are worth a shot. The Esee Imprezza is also a good one for gutting from what ive heard. A330AFEC-5E6B-49B6-909A-AC9EDDC7F4E6.jpeg
    DBF8C5B2-B160-4700-BD05-485D87405864.jpeg FCEFF00C-E8CD-44C6-8A2B-8F05AD66A625.jpeg
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