Full Draw Adjustable Bow Sight ?

Discussion in 'West' started by ARSportsman, Jun 27, 2014.

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    Hello, New member and so far injoyed the threads I have viewed.

    Looking for some information on and in search of a sight that is adjustable at full draw with .010 pin.
    You may ask why I am wanting this kind of sight? Preparing for a DIY muley hunt in WY. In 2012 I hunted with HHA Sport single pin adjustable sight and red zone rest. Love them but when target moves after full draw you have to compensate or let off and adjust. With muley at 75yrd and moving within 65yrd I choose to letoff. Rest came down and arrow went to side of rest and hung on draw. Got that issue resolved and made perfect shoot at 62yrd, WOOHOO! Plan to fix release problem with a Quad HD series. Hope it is as reliable as the Red has been for me but with no drop at let down.
    I have looked at my HHA and rummaging threw idea of building aluminum lever so I can adjust at full draw. As of right now looks as if I will not be able to get much adjustment with finger movement range verses adjustment lever rang. Has any one succesfully accomplished this task?
    Other option is to buy Impact Archery Ni-205 which is electronic so not desirable. The NI-200 is discontinued but would be an option if could locate one. Triad double and single pin look as though the material is lacking and easily damaged. Now looking at Sight-Masters Elite Micro and wondering if any one out there has tried this unit.

    Any suggestions out there

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