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    Well as I've said no plot is a failed plot. My 2022 spring plots are far from pretty and not nearly as full as they should be. I Had Dry issies,Critter ISSUE AND BIG Time Spray issues. With all that I do have some plants and a ton of weeds.
    To that, these were beans and dang if the weeds aren't hiding the beans which are growing. Also some favorite weeds to deer are growing with them.
    Now the fall beans and rape I planted just the other day have started sprouting already. . I'm actually happy with all results concidering problems. I think the problem plots will keep the deer in them longer because they will need to seek out what they want through the grasses. Also the grasses just may protect the beans in a first frost situation.
    Movement will be interesting this year.

    20220810_102506.jpg 20220810_102431.jpg 20220810_101612.jpg 20220810_084456.jpg 20220810_083822.jpg 20220810_080611.jpg
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