Food plot update (pics soon)

Discussion in 'Food Plots & Habitat Improvement' started by longbowmanjimmy, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Well, skywalker and a few other guys helped me out regarding some of my sprays that I used last year and just general tips- one of them was to simply look at the plot this year and see how it looks and possibly find last years' clover that failed to come up. Well, they were right lol. Lots of isolated patches of clover in the 25x40 yard plot- HOWEVER- the weeds in the plot are on steroids. Almost a foot taller than the weeds around the plot and much more dense, probably thanks to the fertilizer. We sprayed last week and tomorrow we will start to brush hog the 2 plots on the property and then hit it with round up after. Looking forward to hearing some feedback about all of your plots too -Jimmy

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