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    I have to say I loved getting out and putting a doe in the freezer and good thing I did!' I am a little conflicted because hey doe are not showing huge numbers any more. Going out with the cross bow left things clean as far as disturbance. I was going with the compound this year be honest I know I'll get a good shoulder dropping close shot with the cross bow. I do not want a running deer in the heat of summer. I don't want to use a rifle in this area when no one is wearing Orange and everyone is out walking their property.
    All this said today I just realized we are just about out of deer meat. It's actually really important that I get more deer in the freezer. I may even talk hubby into going out and fill a tag here as well. This will require my getting him to get one tag for here and one for camp. Then I'll do the same and if need be sign my camp tag tag over to him if he wants it. They don't get an extra 2 Nov. 1 like I and he does here at home. I won't be doing a lot of driving back.and forth to camp with these gas prices.
    Ha! Can't say I'd be missing A 2:30 a.m. blizzard drive down to camp...a bit over 1 hr that took nearly 3hrs....This will put Gods sense of humour on hold this year for sure.....
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