First Scrape found in S IL

Discussion in 'Bowhunting Talk' started by selfbros, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Hey peeps! it's been a while I know. I'm officially a part timer on here now. I took on a new job as a Manager for an engineering company and boy is it kicking my ace.

    So, I'm not a huge fan of hunting early season. Mosquito's, heat, mostly doe's, and mosquito's. However, I normally have all my stands hung mid July. this new job and kids sports are really cutting into my free time.

    Anyways, I ran down to my ground to hang some climbing sticks on the tree I normally hunt. (I will pack in my Muddy Hang on during the hunts) while down there I scouted an area I hunted 6 years ago, but haven't touched since. lots of tracks and a scrape to go with it. I marked a good tree and got out of there. there was a ton of acorns on the ground and bedding all over. it was raining so I should be good on scent and noise.

    Super excited to get out though. 2 more weeks and I'll either be in Canada working, or my stand hoping to shoot an arrow.
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