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First Pinless Simultaneous Distance Ranging Compound Bow Sight!

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    Final-Range.jpg Fuzzy-Pins.jpg

    With the E-Z-V Sight, you no longer have to range the distance prior to drawing your bow. Distance ranging is already pre-calculated into the design of the V-configuration.

    No More Range Finders!
    No More fuzzy Pins for Aging Eyes!
    No More Target Panic!
    Extended Low Light Target visibility
    Precision Shot Placement at Any Random Distance without Pre-Ranging Distance
    Unobstructed Open Sight Picture Alleviates Target Panic

    We carefully calculated the vital zone width of regulated hunted game species (X-Axis) and combined it with computer generated trajectory curves of your bow’s speed (FPS) specification (Y-Axis).
    Putting them together with geometry (V-Shape) equals a 1-step aiming/ranging process.


    Snap-in the V-Insert for your bow’s FPS
    Frame the animal’s rib cage and SHOOT…E-Z!

    Simultaneously ranges distance AND aligns aiming point with precision shot placement in one-step and in 1/10th the time of a traditional pin sight without the use of range finders or fuzzy/fragile sight pins.

    Eliminates human error of accurately ranging distance

    Precision shot placement at random distances without the use of pins or range finders

    Tick-Marks enable use as a traditional pin sight – but better

    Unobstructed open sight picture alleviates target panic – no more bobbing sight pins

    No more fuzzy pins for tired eyes

    Neon chartreuse yellow-green V-inserts for maximum low light shooting/hunting visibility conditions

    5 easily interchangeable V-Inserts included to match YOUR bow’s trajectory curve – choose the one that’s right for you

    Perfect for deer, elk, moose, antelope, caribou, bear and turkeys

    1,000 time stronger than fiber optics

    V-Inserts snap in and ready to go

    Visit Compound Bow Sight - E-Z-V Sight for more information!

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