Fawn destress bleats

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by seanmoe, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Yesterday I went out hoping to make a couple sets in order to call in a fox or a coyote, it's something I've wanted to try all year and my wife was basically kicking me out of the house so she could play her new wii dancing game. I made my first set it took a little longer than normal to get set in with the electronic game call. Once I was set in I waited about 5 minutes before I hit it. Since I was still bow hunting I figured I'd try the fawn bleat just to see what would happen. After about 10 minutes I had two yearling does rush me from the back the only place I wasnt set up for and not really capable of taking a shot. They stayed awhile until they realised something wasn't right, they were also directly down wind of me. So they blew out of there. It was very interesting to see that. Moved to my second set and once I got set in realised i didnt connect one of the wires at the bottom of the tree so I just sat until dark not seeing anything.
    Anyway thought I'd share for any of you stressing the end of season with no luck it may be a tactic worth trying.
    One thing you should consider is that when they come in they will be on high alert so be ready to stop them and take a clean shot.:wave:

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