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Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews' started by JimQ, Aug 18, 2021.

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    I have hunted traditional for the past 6 years but with a recent move to Montana and the predominant shots being further then I am comfortable with on my recurve I purchased a new compound as an alternate when the recurve just wont cut the mustard. I didnt want to pump a lot of money into the accessories so looked into different sights. Found the EZV sight which is actually made here in Montana.
    I was totally surprised at the quality of the sight right out of the package. Very solidly built. I loved the idea of no pins and the V acting as a range finder ( I've missed opportunities having to range find), it felt a little more like traditional. Now that I have gotten used to it and being consistent with it I have to applaud the maker for totally re-inventing the wheel. I will never go back to a pin sight on a compound.
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    I'm using one this year. I have used a Garmin Xero, Black Gold single pin slider, and Trophy Ridge React multi-pins. For whatever reason, this whole concept really clicks with me. When target practicing, my groups are no different than a pin sight. I do think it helps to be able to see where you are shooting as opposed to covering it up. It's a total bonus to be able to "range" in the woods in a rushed situation. With no range finder I can jump around anywhere in my yard, put the vitals in the V, and place the arrow where it counts.
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