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    So when I was a kid growing up in Michigan, I hunted and fished almost daily. It was what I was doing when I wasn’t in school or at sports practice. Then I went to college and left that life behind. After graduation I moved to Florida bought a place on the water and have fished the salt for 40+ years. Now my sons are hunting and I’m coming back to my beloved bow hunting. It’s a joy and a curse. When I was hunting as a kid my equipment choices were VERY limited and if not a hand me down from an uncle was probably hand made out of necessity. Now, as I rebuild my equipment need help choosing wisely. I don’t give a darn about status but will choose the best quality/value I can find. So if you were all starting again without any, would so appreciate your advice. I’ve made one purchase - still on order, the Bowtec Revolt X. I just liked the feel the best. We hunt hogs down here in Florida and we have a whitetail hunt scheduled for mid October in the UP of Michigan. Any equipment advice is sincerely appreciated. Tried and true stuff you know stands up. Thanks in advance.

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