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Discussion in 'Bowhunting Talk' started by kennyg, Nov 8, 2020.

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    Southern WI
    We currently inherited a small 10 acre cabin in central WI. It connects to a smaller public hunting grounds. Our land is the same through the whole property, oak trees all over. We see deer frequently but the issue we have for bow hunting is there isn’t any features that put deer on a certain spot or trail. We are planning on trying to put in 3-4 small plots. I want to make a primitive drag to pull behind my atv to scratch up the ground to throw down some throw n grow. Anybody ever make their own drag?

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    I've seen people modify an old harrow to use behind a 4-wheeler. They are just cut down a bit. It does take some weight on them to make them score the ground very well. A tray u-bolted to the top of them that you can then put rocks in works well.

    Rigging up two or three logs to drag behind does a decent "smoothing" job, enough passes would score the ground decently. Think 5'-7' length logs, decent diameter so they have some weight (8" diameter or so), cut the limbs off of them about 1" from the trunk. So 3 logs laying horizontal behind the atv, attach cable/rope from each end of the first log up to the hitch of the atv making a "V". Then cable the
    Another great way to steer deer is with trails. Weed eat a trail down to the ground, remove all windfalls, and rake the leaves off. Brush piles will help steer them certain ways too.
    Deer are very much like us (aka, LAZY). They want to use the easiest walking, quietest path through the woods.

    Oldnotdead (often referred to as OND), a forum member here, is excellent at land management. Here is a link to a thread of hers, there are some great pics to give you some improvement ideas. Note here trails she's made, she see's deer use them all the time.

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