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    This is another food plot blend I put together. It is designed to introduce deer to brassica's. It has several brassica's in it that are highly attractive to deer immediately. They don't need a frost to become attractive. It also has two clover varieties to draw deer to the plot. It is a multi year plot, because of the clover. In year 1 you do your prep work, kill the plot off two to three times, then plant intro in late July. It will grow like gang busters all fall. The following winter you frost seed clover over it in late February. The clover will take over and you will have a nice clover plot for a few years that needs minimal maintenance. Or if you want to do a fall plot the following year you can till the clover in and gain valuable nitrogen from it and help build your soil! I planted around 1.5 acres of this this year in order to rotate a few plots out of brassica's for 2015.

    vital stats-

    -killed the plot off mid may and early July with glysophate
    -July 27th disked the plot under well
    -July 27th after disking I spread seed at a rate of 7 pounds to the acre
    -July 29th I spread 19-19-19 at a rate of 100 pounds to the acre on the plot
    -prayed for rain!

    Here is the plots development

    2 weeks after seeding


    3 weeks after seeding

    5 weeks after seeding

    Sunday 9 weeks after seeding




    I will keep this thread up to date as we continue through fall, winter, and into spring of 2015!
    If you are interested in this seed blend send me a pm!

    I pray your food plots are looking good in your neck of the woods!

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