Crawfish cookers

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    [FONT=&amp]Early Outdoors has 10 gallon, 30 gallon, 60 gallon, cookers and can also make custom trailers. These are not just for boiling crawfish. It can be used as a steamer, boil all kinds of seafood, and also use it as a deep fryer. Custom made trailer with crawfish cooker, purge tank, sink, and many other options. 10 Gallon Crawfish/seafood cooker. Made from 1/8" Marine grade aluminum. Comes with Burner and Regulator. Lid acts as a slide to move food from cooker to ice chest or table. $475.00 plus shipping of $100.00. Custom logo or name plate $50 to $80 extra. Local pick up available. Located just outside of Houston, TX.[/FONT]

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