Colorado Hunting Advice!!

Discussion in 'West' started by bowman94, Apr 7, 2018.

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    Greetings Archery Brother and Sisters!

    Im moving to denver in a week and will hopefully be hunting/scouting around Colorado up to and through the hunting seasons. Im relatively new to bowhunting and very new to Colorado. Im very eager to learn more and want to take my woodsmanship to the next level.

    Im originally from Cincinnati and have been on a few whitetail hunts in indiana with no success. I have decent experience backpacking and camping so im not completely oblivious, but i think there is a lot to learn when you add hunting into the mix.

    I am interested in a DIY hunt but i think i need some experience/advice before i can get that far. If anyone on here has any advice on prep, calling, gear, or general Colorado hunting, im all ears. If anyone would be interested in having a shadow for any of their hunts, id love to participate/help out in any way i can.

    Im 23, in good shape, and work full time as an engineer. I know these adventures can be grueling and im up for any learning opportunity or physical challenge im presented with.

    Please feel free to comment below or shoot me a PM. Just a young, enthusiastic fella trying to do his own part.


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