Colorado Elk Unit Fifty Three

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by scarps23, Aug 13, 2018.

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    Never been to this unit. Planning on trying it this year for archery. Looks like it is heavily hit by hunters near the road. Seems to be a steep unit and most use horses to get in away from crowds. Couple of camps that are drop camps or guided that also use horses.

    Our plan is to pack in away from the roads in the wilderness area from the west side. Spike camp and explore from there. I've found a couple places that look intriqueing about 1.5 miles from the road.

    I'm looking for information in the PM form of where to avoid in terms of people. I have a couple spots marked from google research. Also curious where the guided camps are located. I have some information of where they used to be, but didn't know if it has changed. Would like to stay away from them since they pay to guide the area.

    3 of us going. 2 archery elk hunting and 1 rifle bear hunting. We haven't bought our tags yet. 4th hunter got a new job and he was the one that has been there before. He isn't able to go now. He has bear hunted this area before.

    All three of us will be in above average shape.

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