Colorado Elk 3rd Season (GUN)

Discussion in 'West' started by mhouck06, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Hey guys, I dont belong to many forums so I figured I would ask here even tho this is pertaining to gun season..

    I got invited on an elk hunt in CO for 2020. It would be the 3rd gun season. I do not know much about the hunt yet other than the price is cheap and that we have a cabin to stay in. My only issue is that is prime time rut for whitetail. I would love to hunt elk in CO but Im not sure what the 3rd gun season or any of that is all about. I have been trying to plan an archery elk hunt in CO, but I have never researched anything about hunting them with a gun or any of those seasons. I am just looking for some general input.. I have points saved to hunt wyoming sometime, I have been to montana.. To me its not urgent if I go, but I do not want to pass a good opportunity either. I know its unit 441 in CO.. thats about it.

    Any general input about gun hunting elk in CO would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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