Broadhead Knockoff or?

Discussion in 'Introductions - New User Forum' started by Sjon Malmgren, Mar 23, 2018.

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    I consider myself to be a broad head junkie. Always looking at the latest and greatest! I know If its not broke don't fix it, currently shoot NAP Hell Razors but....recently I purchased these Mossy Oak Afflictor broadheads that claim to be made by Slick Trick, Looks like a Grizztrick2 Has anyone else saw these or tried them? I know there's lots of SL fans out there so chime in. I tried looking up some info but it said Walmart or ebay are they knockoffs? I always wanted to try SL'S and these are way lower priced hope I didn't get screwed like the Cabelas guy telling me the lazers were the same as muzzys that's another thread! Thanks

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