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    We enjoy videoing while we bowhunt and its was time for an upgrade. The requirements of our bowhunting cam is that its got to be small enough to come out of the pocket easily and light weight and it has to have great zoom. We took advantage of cyber Monday sales and got a couple Cannon SX720 HS pocket cams. It’s a very compact 20 mega pixel camera but has 40X optical zoom. We have found that carrying a high zoom cam while bowhunting eliminates the need to carry binos.



    Here is a zoom test. I think this is enough reach for me. Im thinking of putting in a food plot to the east of that big crater. Make sure to set the youtube quality to HD to appreciate the detail.

    While researching what camera to buy we looked at the zoom capabilities of cameras on youtube. Here are zoom tests others had done that sold us on this pocket camera.

    We got the camera for $279 each. If you are looking to self film or want a pocket cam to take on your bow hunts, give this camera a look.
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