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    Following my recent appearance at the Lancaster Classic, I've fielded quite a few questions about my setup; specifically my pin setup and the appearance of a scope lens. This certainly sparked the curiosity of the commentators, as well as anyone who watched the shootups.

    The freestyle or open class have the advantage at times to be able to use various size dots, circles, etc. on their lenses... they can customize what works best for them, and on the target. With that same idea in mind, you now can run a larger dot on an "up pin" or ring pin. Disclaimer: This may not work on all fiber optic style pins.

    Here's how to do it.

    1. Go to a craft store and buy a rotary leather punch; the kind that has multiple sizes (about $10).
    2. Stop at the hardware store on your way home from the craft store, and buy a $0.55 rubber washer.
    3. Punch out a bunch of rubber dots in various sizes.... punch out extras because you may mess
    up a few before you get the knack of it.
    4. Using a sewing needle, push the pin through the exact center of the dot (or as close to center as possible)
    5. CAREFULLY push the rubber dot over your pin.

    It's not rocket science. I started with a smaller dot and increased size until the dot completely covered the yellow on a Vegas target (It will generally be the same on a NFAA 5 spot target). You want to be able to just barely see yellow (or white) all around your dot. It should look like an "eclipsed" sun.

    The human eye will naturally align circles, and for me it was easier to center the dot than to aim a tiny little pin head in what appeared to be the center of the bullseye. The bonus of this idea is that it works for 3D as well, especially on those black targets because the fiber optic is still visible in the center of the black dot.

    I certainly won't get rich off this idea, so I thought I'd share with my fellow archers who might be looking to better their setup.

    Good Luck!

    PIN1.jpg PIN2.jpg
    PIN3.jpg PIN4.jpg
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    This is a great idea!!

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