Bow Recommendations (New to bowhunting)

Discussion in 'Intro to Bowhunting & Archery' started by GibsonBanjos, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Bear Cruzer G2 you could get one at a bow shop 400$ brand new out the door. And has everything on it you’d need to hunt. Btw saw people recommended you get expandable broadheads don’t do that. I’d go with a cut on contact broadhead (Fixed blade). I use Qad Exodus broadheads very very good broadheads you can get a three pack for 40 bucks. Best penetrating broadhead I’ve used for the small size of them. Killed 5 deer last year all pass through two of the shots were quartering to me and didn’t have to worry about putting the arrow right in the shoulder. I would never have that confidence with any expandable.

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