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Discussion in 'Food Plots & Habitat Improvement' started by blacktailhunter, Mar 8, 2019.

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    does anybody have any experience with food plots for blacktails? I am thinking about planting one but not sure it would work.
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    So disclaimer here. I'm in the NE so have no idea about blk tail nor growing conditions.
    This said there are basics to follow.
    Go on line and read many different articles on their diet and how they use their landscape. You can then collect those facts into a plan. Second go look into foraging herbs grown commercially in your area. Also decided if you really want to plant for short term or go long term with mast producing plants. Soil test, soil test, soil test.
    Figure out, if you don't have the equipment already which would be the best economic route, finacially and time wise.
    So I get a lot of my seed from out west and I do a lot of research, so if you wanted to go with a perennial with
    protein I know small burnett is great.Sainfoil is a bloat free legume with several health benefits,one being a natural dewormer and better usage of it's protein.
    Heres the thing about plotting. One can get as many benefits from plotting as to the time in research they do.
    Both those plants do well in mixed grass plantings. Just pick the grasses blk tail will eat in the wild.
    Ps . Let me add chicory is another that would work well with both the plants I mentioned.
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