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    Went to Alberta on first mule deer archery hunt. First Jim burnswurth should be ashamed to represent such a poorly outfitter. 4 guys in camp and only two possible shooters seen between everyone the one was 150s buck I missed. Besides the point worst hunt by far! Rode around in trucks from daylight 6am-10-11am then breakfast lay around all day until supper 5pm then 6pm until dark 8- 9pm very rude from get go! Made clear he had his money up front and if we didn't like the hunt style tough luck. Didn't see over dozen bucks dinks and all the whole 6 days. Payed 6k for this hunt and he stated that he didn't scout for weeks before cause we payed for week of hunting not month. That's way do it in Yukon he said. You get what you pay for. Everyone in camp agreed worst outfitter ever hunted with without a doubt! They're road hunters and gun hunters at best. Definitely not bow hunters. My guide was his first mule deer guided hunt! Never even killed one with a bow! Talked about Americans and every hunting show like where worthless! Claimed Drury brothers hunt high fence in Iowa lol!! Like to see there hunt filmed going down road smoking cigarettes shooting deer from road! That's not my style at all. I drove 40 hours plus for chance to hunt extra days if needed and was never mentioned once there. I wouldn't took it anyways but we made it clear when booking I could hunt extra days for $500 day but we couldn't even do anything out the norm other than ride around. I stayed out all day once on buck I missed. Was on another buck didn't know its him until guide spooks them crawling out to me at 5pm cause I dropped cell phone at noon hadn't text back in wide open field! I was in a ditch and lil bucks heard him stood up and he stood up too facing me. I couldn't shoot then he slipped out there before I knew it. I was facing ne waiting on him get back up later and buck I missed gets up from NW walks away and time I got on him and figured out what's going on he's 85 yards so I missed of course last day last minute. I was within 50 yards of bedded 160s buck and they spooked it over a phone. Anyways just crappy hunt I hope no one ever makes mistake I did booking with them! He's money man all he cares about run them thru and get more got people calling every day he said! I got a whole different opinion of Canada hunting now.

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