Big Michigan Buck Down

Discussion in 'Bowhunting Talk' started by Worzeth, Dec 5, 2021.

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    In this video is an overall view of my season so far. From calling in a doe with a fawn bleep. Then rattling in a 6pt buck to the base of my tree. To a shot on an 8 pt buck. I'd love comments good or bad on how I can get better. Thanks for watching need all the help I can get.

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    the thumbs-up was for using what appears to be a Honda ATC in the background.

    If you are looking for brutal honesty, here you go-

    • zoom in if you can before you shoot. You have a lot of nice wide shots but nothing zoomed in
    • cut down on or at least bleep the cussing. I don't mind, but if you are looking to get monitized or just not turn off people with kids, it's pretty standard
    • be wary of YouTube blood/gore standards and use appropriate editing/color filtering
    • it appears you do not use a lifeline going up and down your ladder stand...if I noticed and commented, others will too. I ain't your momma but safety first should be a consideration if you are going to be a content creator/ambassador

    Lastly, and this is a personal thing: if quartering-to shots by your own words "always concern" you, they why do you take them? You took two in this video.

    Personally, I think with your bow specs and a decent mid-heavy arrow, a slight quarter-to isn't out of line ethically at moderate to close distances, but by your own narrative they "always" concern you and saying so after you take one opens you up to criticism (and thereby not liking/sharing.)

    Overall, a good foundation to build on.

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