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    i started hunting about 5 years ago . i like hunting from the ground so i expect to spook a few . the last couple years i have spooked more than my share i decided i needed to get off the game trail a little and thought a crossbow would do the trick so i immediately started making my own long bow lol 6 months of that and a week to archery season when i was shooting very well my new bow broke i. ordered an inexpensive spider takedown re curve bow from southwest archery.
    i shot the side of the house for a couple of weeks i was about to go back to my compound bow when it started coming together. i kept stepping back farther. till i reached 40 yards which is why i joined this forum.
    with 60 lbs limbs and 27 inch draw if i have a proper draw what the maximum ethical shot ?
    by the way at 40 yards i hit the dirt in front of the target.
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    Maximum ethical shot distance is the distance that you can keep every single arrow in the vitals, assuming you have a good arrow and broad head setup.
    BUT, whitetail deer react to the shot a majority of the time. I don't care to take a shot over 35 yards at one with a compound bow, they can simply move too much.
    There is a forum down below labeled "Traditional Archery", the folks in there have much more traditional experience.

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