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Discussion in 'West' started by bowhunter448, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Took a year off due to my divorce and I'm ready to get back into the mountains. I changed my set up for this year, and more than likely the next few years. I'm shooting a Mathews Triax with the Fast Eddie single pin from Spot Hogg and a QAD Ultra Rest. I'm still shooting GoldTips, but with Nockturnals. With hunting in Nevada, I've also decided to invest into some better optics. I have the Vortex Razor HD and the PhoneSkope set up. I should be getting some Vortex binoculars with my tax returns and put in tags again in March.

    This year, I'm more than likely only putting in for Mule Deer in Area 6 (Early season, shot my first deer there) and 10 Late (hunted with my ex-brother-in-law and had a great hunt, albeit unsuccessful) and starting to accumulate points for a Nevada bull and possibly sheep. Depending on dates, I might also put in for antelope. It is my goal to have a successful year in Nevada before going to Colorado in 2019 to hunt elk with my stepbrother.

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