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Available Elk Hunts for 2021

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by Urge2hunt, Apr 20, 2021.

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    If you didn't draw your elk tag for the 2021 season, here is another chance to go this year.
    We have both diy and guided elk hunts, with most on private land. Take a look at our hunt list below
    and contact us with any questions and to reserve your preferred hunt dates.
    Mule deer, whitetail, antelope, bear, moose and most all other species hunts also available for 2021.
    415-706-1204 or
    [email protected]

    Colorado– DIY bow hunt, private land near Delores in Unit 71, available tags, ........….…..…$2,500

    New Mexico - DIY in Unit 53, unit wide bow or rifle tags..................$3,500

    Colorado - DIY rifle 3rd season, 5,000+ private acres in Unit 421, 100% in 2021, otc bull tags.....$3,500

    Utah– Guided bow or rifle 5 days, general tag, private land near Vernal, Oct 9-13(5 day), physically easy hunt..........$4,995

    Idaho– Guided bow or rifle in Unit 10(Clearwater Forest), COMBO - bear, wolf tags otc............$4,600

    Colorado– Guided archery hunt on private, Units 71/711 near Cortez, food/lodging on own…....$4,995

    Nevada/Utah– DIY for big bulls (340-390), Pilot Mtn, Sept 12-Oct 2, any weapon……$22,995
    COW ELK - 3 day diy hunts in Utah on private land with voucher included, Aug-Jan dates - $1,595
    Contact us with any questions and to reserve your elk hunt for 2021 as dates and spots are very limited this late in the year.
    [email protected]

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