Auto Meter C2 Gauges

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    Not sure if anyone is into cars or knows of anyone, but I'm looking to get sell some Auto Meter gauges, like new condition.

    Have three Auto
    eter C2 gauges to get rid of.. All are in like new shape (slight dust on them), inside car for about 2 months and car was driven about 10 times, then taken out. Long story, but decided to rebuild car and was going to re-use the gauges, but that was a couple years ago now and still no car to start building.

    So up for sale:

    5" 10 RPM Tach with Pedestal mount and light -- $175
    AFR -- Gone
    2/16" Full Sweep Mechanical Vacuum // Boost Gauge -- $60

    IMG_0240.jpg IMG_0242.jpg

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