AR 15 - Complete Upper - Custom - $525 shipped

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    I'm looking to unload this upper because I've got another on the way, and don't really have a use for this one. The only reason I'm selling is because I use my AR for 2x things, calling yotes and home defense. It doesn't make sense to have a 20" barrel on an AR for my use, and I really wanted a super lightweight gun. My current AR is an absolute tack driver, but my yote hunting is typically 100 yards and closer type of shots, and we do a LOT of hiking between stands, so I wanted something shorter and lighter. I ordered a new 16" upper with a lightweight barrel on it.

    Parts list on this upper:

    • Bushmaster upper receiver
    • Bushmaster 20" V-Match barrel - parkerized finish - 1 in 9 twist - chrome lined barrel - target crown
    • Rock River Arms fluted/knurled floating hand guard - Drilled and sling/bipod stud installed
    • DPMS gas block - picattinny rail top
    • Badger Ordnance charging handle
    • Rock River Arms complete bolt assembly
    The upper has maybe a 300 round count down the tube. It really likes handloads of 55gr VMax's, along with 23.5gr of Benchmark. If your not a hand loader, it also shoots Hornady 55gr VMax factory loads very well, along with Black Hills red box 60gr VMax's.

    I have shot multiple 5 shot groups in the .3" to .5" range at 100 yards, it averages in the .5" to .75" range pretty consistently. Obviously it's plenty accurate enough for anything well within .223 type of range of 500ish yards. Perfect for you guys in the midwest looking to yote hunt at longer distances, and will also double as a nice home defense gun.

    Please keep in mind, this is ONLY for the upper complete assembly. You can build your own lower reciever for cheap or order it elsewhere. Pic below of the the complete gun, but should give you a look at the upper.

    $525 shipped to your door. Since there is no serial number on the upper, legally I can ship direct to you.


    One of the better groups I've shot, probably would have went into the .1-.2" range if not for that flyer. There are 5 in there. It shoots better than I do......;)


    Also for anyone interested, I'd be willing to throw the scope/mount into this as well.

    Scope is a Leupold VX-III 4.5-14x40 LR. It has the side focus adjustable objective on it, and a duplex reticle. It also has the 30mm main tube, instead of the standard 1" tube, this give you more range with turret adjustments for extreme long range, and better visibility in low light conditions. Right now this scope sells for $679 on most sites. Mine is flawless on both the lenses and outside, and I will sell for $500 shipped.

    Mount is the new Burris P.E.P.R mount specifically for AR's. It will mount the scope forward for the proper eye clearance you need with most scopes. It also has the Picattinny tops on the rings to mount extra accessories on. These sell for $69, and I'd like to sell this for an additional $50 shipped.

    Buy both the scope and mount along with the upper, and I'll include them for another $525 in addition to the upper.

    Please PM me to establish order of interest.

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