A.J. deRosa and Urban Deer hunting tactics

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    Has anyone read this book and website, and implemented any of the tactics the author suggests?

    The Urban Deer Complex: A.J. DeRosa: 9780991032907: Amazon.com: Books

    Suburban Bowhunting Tips & Tactics - The Urban Deer Complex

    I live in a similar area as the author (southern NH; he is in MA) and I have observed some of the deer behavior he's talking about. There is a public walking trail right behind our house and I have seen the deer scent-check the trail then continue. They bed about 1/4 mile off the trail, down in a maple marsh. That's where I've been hunting, with only a few encounters. I wonder if I would have more luck behaving less like a predator and more like the spandex army chatting on their cellphones, walking their dogs, and smoking a cigarette

    It seems like a total 180-degree change in thinking, from religious scent control and ambush hunting, to casual deer encounters

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