A bit confused about wheezing and am I doing things right

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    5th time out this year first year 2nd time in a row seeing deer first 3 went out in the morning didn't see **** went out at 4 o clock past two time have seen deer an turkey great feeling first time seeing deer saw 6 but only 2 stayed around 6 came into big hay field heard a crazy noise sounded like the devil screeching thats what i thought for some reason cant say what it was since this is my first year out an dont know wild animal sounds but after that noise twice 4 retreated to the woods and two stayed it was going to get to dark for me to shot her good size doe to so I went to stalk mode got 30 yards from her about to draw back then she saw me and wheezed stomped gazelle hopped 5 yards right stomped wheezed again looked at me crazy with head tilted then hopped back left did it again then hopped off jumping super high in the air while the other doe went to the woods while all this was happening an it was wheezing then before wood line deer stood there an watched me leave i did have a orange beanie on cause muzzle loader in ky was last weekend but thats all i hunt private family land that no one except me hunt so i talked tot some ppl about they said that sounds like a crazy experience but no harm done so went out tonight week later and it did rain all day one day during the week if that matters was told it could if it didn't rain and went out tonight took a shower with scent free products use scent free deodorant all my clothes washed an dried in scent free products stored in scent free container i use foam when i get dressed thats scent free and put it on my face arm hands and head and hair then put a shirt on but before i do spray it down with bone collector scent free silver that is the products i use then put shirt on do all my clothing like that then spray down again spray my bow spray my backpack then go to the woods set up in my spot hang doe urine scent wicks then spray down everything with fall blend scent blocker then about a hour to and hour an half later spray down again lightly using self made ground blind set up where the deer came out from wood line last time because i was to far away first time when i encountered them thats why i was kinda put in the stalking situation the first go around now tonight around 6:25 when i had action last sunday start to hear some slick heads walk my way about 150-200 feet away didn't go over there at all or anything then 3 deer just stop start wheezing go back up hill side to thick stuff i call it wheezes back to me do it again an got a response and then it stopped but didn't see anything so left at 7:00 heading back to my car an see 5 deer in the brush of the hill side probably like 100 yards from my spot but these deer where fine eating away like they were fine it was to dark to try an get a shot so just went to car what did i do wrong did they smell me I had super super thick cover on left side where they where coming from so impossible to see me i couldn't see threw it i just heard the wheezing i was sitting staring at the ground looked up saw 3 white tails going back up the hill side i was like really i have heard wheezing is a alarm an means get away but also heard that it was a buck being aggressive what does it mean and am i doing something wrong sorry for this being so long thanks

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