30 foot Pole saw from Polesawdirect

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews' started by Westfinger, Nov 14, 2016.

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    There are very few products I feel strongly enough about I will write a review but this is definitely one of them. Cutting shooting lanes is so important and can be difficult, dangerous and noisy. During the season i will typically hang a few new sets in addition to the observation stands I maintain year after year. I bought a 30' pole saw from polesawdirect a couple years ago and it is still razor sharp, works flawlessly and has enabled me to set and maintain my sets with clear shooting lanes easily. The reach is longer than I will ever need yet it is light and compact enough I can easily take it in with me when hunting, scouting or checking cameras. If you hunt from a tree stand you need one of these.

    Tree trimming Pole Saw | Pole Saw Direct

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