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2018 Colorado Elk camp invite.

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by soccerdan90, Mar 12, 2018.

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    There was a few folks (maybe 10-12, some were leaving as others were arriving) that got together last fall. Generally there was a camp every even year where we share base camp and some spike out, others day hunt out of the camp.

    Covid screwed up a lot of folks this year. Especially international travelers, who couldn't attend.

    I and one other guy drew an adjacent unit (about an hr away) and while we got into elk fairly frequently, I shot the only elk (a cow) as part of the camp.

    I think 2 or 3 mule deer were shot. I believe at least 2 were does. And few bucks were even spotted.

    Some in camp, had bear tags, but I don't think any bears were spotted.

    Historically, we hunted in the Eagle Vail area, but the herd there is in real bad shape. Likely, future camps in that area may be muley / bear focused.
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