2017-2018 hunting season

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    23472231_146908899271425_6599597892389291758_n.jpg 23591999_146888162606832_2234471051216786338_o.jpg photo-01.jpeg No luck today on a big bruiser, but I was able to get on the board and score my first deer down with my new crossbow. I had an 8 pt. buck at 35 yrds at 0745 hrs, an just as I was lining up a shot a coyote spooked him. I went to plan B, which was shooting the yote, but he never presented a shot. I decided to be patient and at 0835 hrs this little doe wandered into my line of sight. She was at 35 yards with a corn pile between us. She suddenly stomped a couple of times while looking to my west, aand then blew a couple of times in the same direction. I lowered my eyes and sat totally still for a couple of mins. I peeked up, out the front window of my blind, and she was gone. I continues to stare at the ground and sit still as I could be. After 5 mins I looked up again and this time she was 10 yrds straight in front of me, staring directly at me. I continued to sit still and something to my east caught her attention. She turned her head in that direction, I raised the xbow and squeezed a shot off. She immediately hit the ground where she stood. Shot placement was a tad forward and I got BOTH shoulders. The NAP Killzome put in the dirt. Not the trophies that I know that are out there, but this little slick head will eat just fine.
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