2 NYPD Officers Dead, killer wanted to kill "PIGS" for Eric Garner?!?!

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by OHbowhntr, Dec 24, 2014.

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    So maybe now we can get the President and AG and Al Sharpton and all of those race-baiters in the media for inciting public unrest, and try to set the record straight. THIS IS A TRAGEDY!!! What happened to Eric Garner was LIFE, an example of what happens as a result of a lifetime of poor decisions all coming to a head when a man in terrible physical condition decided to yet again disobey the law, and then resist arrest... The retaliation of this worthless human scum who set out on a mission to kill "PIGS," is absolutely disgusting, and could have been prevented with RESPONSIBLE MEDIA reporting, and an HONEST voice from the POTUS, the AG, and the like of the rest of those worthless piles of human flesh who are propagating this race bating!!! And as I see it, those worthless bastards all have BLOOD on their hands over this one.... If I were in Congress, I'd go forth with an IMPEACHMENT charge, even if that meant we were stuck with that Moron Joe Biden as a POTUS until we can get a MAN with some decency to take that position over in 2016.... I'm an thoroughly disgusted with the lies that those bastards have propagated, and saddened that now 2 NYPD officers are dead as a result!!! May God provide their families some measure of peace during this Holiday season when they are missing these officers who were senselessly gunned down.

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