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Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by t8rsalad, Oct 11, 2015.

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    I got to go out again this weekend on my suburban property. To my surprise, there were deer by the entrance Saturday morning in the dark. Two blew out hard, but I figured I'd at least see if any came from the direction I was expecting. I was on stand most of the morning and headed back after the wife called. I ended up having another blow out on the way back near the same spot. I've noticed that my trail cam photos has hit near nil following my doe I shot a few weeks back without success finding her. Given it's 30 acres, I try not to go in there more than once every few weeks unless the weather is perfect. I've also found that the property has an access for utilities that is being slowly run to the property to my west for a new housing addition. My thinking is that between this, the corn being taken out across the road, and my failed hunt, the deer are shifting their patterns faster than what I can adjust to now. I've only got one viable access point to the property. My thoughts are to shift my stand further East. I've added a picture at the bottom. Thoughts?

    Green = known bedding areas
    Red = utility work being done that I know of so far.
    Yellow = tree stand currently
    Blue = entrance

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