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Jul 16, 2024 at 5:51 PM
Mar 6, 2009
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Legendary Woodsman

virginiashadow was last seen:
Jul 16, 2024 at 5:51 PM
      Josh OH said you went to woodbury a couple years ago. Friends and I are headed there in 5 days, any advise / tips. I understand it gets hit hard by hunters. Do you know anything about SIMCO Wildlife refuge.

      Chris / MUDSHARK
    2. TheRiverBottom
    3. virginiashadow
      Awesome dmen! I really look forward to the trip.
    4. dmen
      I am 90% positive I am going to go to Ohio and meet up with you guys, if that is OK.
    5. virginiashadow
      Hey Rocky. I still have a few VA buck tags left in addition to a doe tag as I killed my buck in Pennsylvania. I've only hunted here in Virginia a couple of days during the rut. I will be able to get out tomorrow afternoon after work then all day Friday. I hope to get one on the ground by Friday at sundown, but I am not stressing. I killed two does and a buck this year and that makes me happy. I am going to continue to hunt when I can over the next 6 weeks or so, but I am going to relax and enjoy it all.

      I wish you the best. You are going to get a good one in range over the next six days. I really hope a good one comes by you buddy. Let me know how the hunts go.

    6. youngfart
      Congrats on your bow buck, been a dismal year so far,maybe with all this snow were getting, it'll group the deer up and that'll bring the bucks in and I have some stands set up just for this. Only have 6 full day sit's left to get a buck & doe on the ground. Should happen, have passed some bucks up so far that wouldn't score a thing but am starting to see better bucks in the last week with one close to 150. Not a great year as I said.You all done now that you have your doe and buck ? Or are you allowed more than one buck and doe?
    7. youngfart
      Send me your email so I can send you some trail cam pics from this season, one of my top 5 showed up already called High Tower, but 4 more shooters are on this property from last year so the extra rain this year has been great for minerals for antler growth.
      [email protected]
    8. VA Bowbender
      VA Bowbender
      Brent, did you ever apply to SWMNV?
    9. sfpmanman
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    10. virginiashadow
      ty buddy, much appreciated. My birthday night consists of taking my kids to sports practice, cooking dinner, and making sure all homework is done! hahahaha
    11. Iowa Veteran
      Iowa Veteran
      Bippy Harthday!!!! I started cleberating without ya!
    12. virginiashadow
      You WILL get a monster Rocky!
    13. youngfart
      Check out today's post ,got another one posted ,only he's 20 miles away from the other, God ,he's treating me good this year. There will definatley be some for you as I can only harvest 2 this year,Lmao, I'll be lucky to get one.
    14. virginiashadow
      Rocky, if you are willing to save that buck for me in two years....well sir you are a great guy! :) I know you are kidding, so kill him!!!!
    15. youngfart
      Check out #4 on my hitlist in Bowhunting section ,I'll save him for you okay ?
    16. youngfart
      What's one of those body suits worth ? Also where do you them & price too! Thanks
    17. virginiashadow
      Hey Hoyt. I believe a non-resident license plus, an archery license, and a big game licence will run you around $180 or so. You will need all three. What part of VA are you looking to hunt?
    18. Hoytultrasport
      Hey I was wondering where at in va is a good place to hunt. I was told that you can run deer with dogs in va and I don't like that, and I was wondering how much a nonresident archery license was also
    19. virginiashadow
      Rob, I missed my first three shots at doe this year. :( Then I killed a doe on October 30th with my recurve!
    20. VA Bowbender
      VA Bowbender
      Hey Brett,
      Have you had success yet? I haven't even had a recurve in the woods yet this year. I just don't feel confident yet after the surgery.
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