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Algonquin, Illinois, United States
General Manager - Bowhunting.com, Rhino Group, ICS

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Administrator, Male, from Algonquin, Illinois, United States

I'm busy being awesome. Apr 12, 2017

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    1. Indiana Hunter
      Indiana Hunter
      It was nice meeting you and the bowhunting.com crew at the expo. Hopefully I'll see you at the gtg!
    2. in da woods
      in da woods
      I started a sign up post, Can you move it to the gtg file? trying to get a number of how many may be showing up.
      Also, tlaked to a few guys about a gtg T-shirt. Since Todd won't buy em, can we get the ones we're getting from you guys and have the same shop add some 5 yr gtg stuff on them. We'll pay for the extra. Just wanna know if it could be done. I have a few intereseted in doing a 5 yr commerative shirt using BH.C shirt/logo. Just let me know. thanks, Hank.
    3. Rut Junkie
      Rut Junkie
      Justin, Do we need to sign up for the G2G this year?

    4. schwatk
      How do I get the older threads on the Turkey Hunting forum? It only show posts that go back to 2-18-2011.

      Please email me at joe.schwatka@navy.mil

      Thanks Joe
    5. michael_pearce
      Hey Justin. What can I do to become an offical bowhunting.com team member? I really want to start filming some hunts as soon as I can get out and would like to be part of your team. Bowhunting.com has really restarted my passion for hunting again and everyone I know and have met asks me how they can see videos of my hunts. I have even stopped people at stop lights to pass out your videos and talk to them about bowhunting.com. I think I am going to be able to get out there soon so anyadvice would be great.
    6. Rut Junkie
      Rut Junkie
      Justin, You did the testing on 2 blade blood runner. I am having a problem with them making noise while in flight. The buzz is very loud..................Did you see this problem when testing? Do you know how to fix this problem? I am thinking I need to use a heaver arrow.
    7. MAinfantry82
      Hey Justin i just wanted to say thank you and i appreciate the help!
    8. shed
      sent you a message via pm thanks
    9. bloodcrick
      Yo JZ, im going to start carving the logo Rock for the 2nd annual BH.C Rock give away drawing (on me) and my question is......Would you rather me do the new logo with bowhunting.com under it that I see on the top of home page or the old logo like last year?? If the new, one is there anyway you can pm me a bigger photo of that new logo so I can start sizing off of it? By the way, you still suck :) >>>BAM<<< J/K
    10. Rookie
      Justin how you doing.I heard from MECHDOC your head quarters are in huntley. I would like to stop by im trying to get my first hunting gear last year i started hunting and was ill prepaired for conditions im not sure of sizes and and havent bought online before . want to purchase through bowhunting.com if you could call that would be great #is 1-708-526-1941and thank you guys GTG was great. lovin new lifesyle
    11. ISiman/OH
      Yo Justin, where can i find bowhunting.com Arrow wraps? I looked all over the sight for them and they are nowhere to be found. Im looking for the Red Fade with Bowhunting.com logo.........Thanks Isaac.
    12. rickmur
      Thanks Justin, I just found them somewhere else.
    13. rickmur
      I sent you an email yesterday but will also try it here. I'm needing to replace my HHA slider sight and was wondering if you can order me one in LEFT HAND. The 2 models I am interested in (price will determine) are the DS5519LH and the OS5519LH. Thanks so much
    14. Rut Junkie
      Rut Junkie
      IT is always the same............. I do need to start shooting and I have a broken sight again. The new sights are very priceyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
    15. Rut Junkie
      Rut Junkie
      Hi Justin, I am looking to buy a new sight. It is not in you store. Can you get me a Trophy Ridge Micro Alpha V3 Bow Sight left hand and what would be the total price?

      Thanks Stace
    16. in da woods
      in da woods
      justin, please call me monday morning the 5th, asap. I'm up at 0430, very important!
    17. stringgunjoe
      hey justin this joe met ya at the show i have those pictures of that drop tine but how do i download them let me know thanks.
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    Algonquin, Illinois, United States
    General Manager - Bowhunting.com, Rhino Group, ICS
    I'm married, I have a lot of kids and I like to hunt a little bit.