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Jul 4, 2015
Oct 10, 2008
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Jul 4, 2015
    1. soccerdan90
      Wow we dont live very far from each other. Do you hunt around Osky at all?
    2. soccerdan90
      I am in Oskaloosa IA. It is 60 miles southeast of Des Moines and 30 miles north of Ottumwa. Where are you located?
    3. slabcrappy
      You got it!! Thanks for the tip!
    4. Iowa Bowhunter
      Iowa Bowhunter
      ok. I'll check it out.
    5. Iowa Bowhunter
      Iowa Bowhunter

      Thanks so much for all your trouble. I got those files and they are awesome. Looks like you had a birthday yesterday. Hope you had a good one.

    6. Iowa Bowhunter
      Iowa Bowhunter
      Yes, let's try it again. If this don't work I don't know what else to do. Thanks for all your time and efforts.
    7. USarmyMP
      I work nights over here, so I up til around 8 am or so. Yeah I did finally settle on everything. I have a 2010 Bowtech captain on its way here. Im going with the G5 optix sight, G5 meta peep, octane hostage rest and stabilizer. I ordered Victory V-Force V3 350's and Ben/PA is throwing some fletching on their for me, so big ups to him. So the only decision Im still left with is which case to buy so I can bring it home with me and be assured that it wont receive the slightest damage.
    8. BEAR09

      Happy Birthday from IL.

    9. bloodcrick
      When you told me you was going to get a welder to give you a quote I was already thinking OUCH :) Let me get back to you on that one!! I may be able to score some good scrap steel at work, just got to keep checking the scrap bin!!
    10. peakrut
      Mark I have to much going on today and I have to work tonight. My sons bday party starting shortly and I also have a tree to cut from last weeks storm. Then I will try to figure out how to fix my truck it fell on. With all that all is still good on my end. How are things for you? Been awhile since we chatted. T
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    The shallow people on BHC who can't stick with us big boys should stick to the shallow end of the pool so they don't drown.