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in da woods
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May 1, 2019
Jul 31, 2008
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S.E. Wisconsin

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in da woods

Grizzled Veteran, from S.E. Wisconsin

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May 1, 2019
    1. madhunter
      I dont. I lost my older phone and have NO numbers at all. Pass you number along.
    2. madhunter

      It has been a real long time. I have been through a lot and things are and have been very crazy for me this past couple years. I have not even been on until now. I can bring you up to speed on everything sometime. Some of it is hard for me to talk about and some is really exciting.

      I am living in Madison, I am remarried, and have a child on the way (June) but not too busy to do some hunting and ice fishing. I hope that you are doing well and things are good for you

    3. in da woods
      in da woods
      yeah right. the closest I'll come to being on a tv show is buying another huntn tape.
    4. Bob Thomas
      Bob Thomas
      Hey someone told me you are the guy who's picture is to the right of your screen, is that true? LOL
      I'm Bob and I'm your team member I just thought it would be good if we were friends.
    5. Wesley Lofton
      Wesley Lofton
      not doing the deer contest this year?
    6. racewayking
      My bow is betta than yours, betta than yours, betta than yours. My bow brand is betta than yours, betta than yours, betta than yours.
    7. racewayking
    8. Treehopper

      Battery life is great. If you put them out in August you will still have battery life in December. That is a guarentee I am very comfortable making.

      Sorry it took a while to respond. I have a new computer and e mail address and don't check this very often.


    9. racewayking
      My bow is betta than yours, betta than yours, betta than yours. My bow brand is betta than yours, betta than yours, betta than yours.
    10. Dubbya
      still looking at airfare to get the best deal!!!
    11. racewayking
      Get the pooper scooper ready because Team Hoyt is gonna drop a bomb on you at the GTG.
    12. OHbowhntr
      I'm gonna try to sell them together as a package first. If not, I'll PM you. I got a couple bites on a couple places, but haven't "reeled" anything in yet......:D Thanks though.
    13. racewayking
      you planning on doing any hunting up here in Wi this yr? did you lose the raceway spot yet? are you staying with us for the gtg or just going home each nite? Back straps would be much appreciated for the Fri feed.

      Not likely for Wisconsin hunting. Lost the Raceway mid season last year and picked up a new spot. Tough season as I was busy getting stands up the last week of October. Will likely stay home since it is 25 minutes away, but not 100% sure.

      You need backstraps and Tenderloin shot with a HOYT?????
    14. racewayking
    15. Germ
      I will try to contact him on Michigan site for you.
      I am still up in air, I need to check my daughters baseball scehdule.
    16. racewayking
      Buy on get one free on 2009 Bowtech's at K-Mart and WalMart according to some homeless guy handing out the redemption coupons for both retailers. Asked if they sold Hoyt and he said "are you crazy, they can't get a license for a real bow"
    17. madhunter
      Hey, I don't have a lot going on right now, at least until after the new year. Want to get out and do some ice fishing. If you are around Palmyra we can hit Blue Spring Lake. Or I can come down and we can hit the lakes down there.
    18. madhunter
      Finals, lots of studying. I may try to get out in the next couple weeks.
    19. jfergus7
      That's cool about Treehopper! Hopefully we can get a few other companies to kick in some items!

      Sorry to hear that your back is still messed up. Hopefully it will heal quick and you can get out this weekend for gun season! Keep me posted on how it goes!
    20. GregH
      Hi Hank, I've been up north since Oct 30th and am now hunting my new property. No luck yet. I've only been at it for a week and time is running out. You can bet I'll be ready for next year!

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