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Sep 28, 2014
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West Central Missouri
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Grizzled Veteran, from West Central Missouri

none Aug 23, 2018

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Nov 30, 2023 at 7:02 PM
    1. foodplot19
    2. foodplot19
      Team 23 The Straight and Arrow!
    3. LittleChief
      Hey bud, I was going through the live from the stand thread and notice that I had accidentally disliked a post you made. That obviously wasn't intentional.
    4. dbl lung
      dbl lung
      I think we are at 143 total sheds.
    5. foodplot19
      Let me get. Hang on...........
    6. cls74
      Basically all that is needed is your paypal email address
    7. foodplot19
      Yes that was a typo my fault. Yes we do pay pal. It has been a long time since I have done it. I need to try to figure out how to get you to gift that to me.
    8. cls74
      I'm good with that. You accept paypal? I'll gift $172.80, guessing that was usps?
    9. cls74
      It's all good, I've made my own boxes before as well. Shipped a dual exhaust to CA, basically used duct tape and cardboard to enclose everyhing in a liftable manner. :lol:
    10. foodplot19
      I'm with ya on cheap. We just moved to this place in December.
      If you remember the movie The Money Pit? We live there now.

      I thought we had a box to fit the stand. Wrong. It went out on one of those "I'm tired of looking at it, throw it away days." I had to "make" a box fit it.

      I believe you're right about the USPS being cheaper.
      I'll let you know tomorrow.
      Thanks for your patience.
    11. cls74
      The cheapest :lol:

      USPS would probably be cheapest. Not really worried about time to get here.

      Seen they even have a hold for pick up option to reduce costs.

      Might be a little more trouble than it's worth as well.
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    West Central Missouri
    Work for Evergy
    Born and raised in the KC area. Married for 14 years and have 2 boys. Love being in the outdoors. Obsessed with bow hunting!! Love spending time on our new farm!!!

    Spending time with wife and kiddos. Bowhunting for deer and turkey. Growing foodplots and farming.


    Mathews Switchback XT
    Slick Trick 4 Blade 125 Grain
    Gold Tip Kinetic Kaos 300's
    HHA, Model OL-5519
    QAD Ultra Rest Drop Away
    Carter Insatiable 2+ Release
    AXION Stabilizer
    Trophy Bucks of Iowa Team Member