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Aug 10, 2019
Sep 21, 2009
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Grizzled Veteran, from Central, IL

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Aug 10, 2019
    1. ILL BUCK
      ILL BUCK
      Just noticed after 2 years on the same team your from central IL. Where ya at? I'm over by champaign.
    2. sheddinva
      Thanks a lot! Never knew that about a 2 pt shed so that is good to know!
    3. sheddinva
      Hey, since you seem to measure a lot of your larger sheds I thought I would ask for your expert advice. Can you let me know if the locations I have shown in the attached image are about where you use for measurements? I know you normally do the outside edge of the shed but I figured this pic would work ok. I think my main confusion is the last circumference. It says to do the smallest circumference but since the point ends where do you pick?

    4. MGH_PA
      No. We're going to be holding our grand prize drawing here shortly for all entry winners through October. Look for the monthly contests to begin again in the future.
    5. Scljrl
      Have any stickers left??
    6. maddog92
      hey dawg we need to pull a bob and ringo's night soon. see ya at work and good luck this year.
    7. ttraveler
      Great to hear from you. I wish you the best this hunting season as well. Looks like you have some nice ones to chase around.
      Chase and I are very excited to begin this years hunt. He was accepted to a prep school up in Land O Lakes, called Conserve School. You can check it out at Conserve School.org. Check out there blog and you can see pictures each day and what they are learning. A wonderful place to be part of. He will be there for just one semester. We will have to schedule our hunts on weekends when he is available. We will also be filming for BH.com and have been busy getting everything together for that as well. Maybe you'll see us kill something on the Big Screen...Keep in touch and Good Luck. (You may want to send Chase a quick note just to say "Hello" since it's his first time away from home! I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
      By the way, I got a Robin Hood last evening after checking tree stands and camera pics. Felt good..Dialed in.

    8. ttraveler
      Just wanted to say that my son and I had a great time at the GTG and we will be digging into making those dawg bites in no time. Keep in touch.
    9. deer&ducks
      going back home to hunt on tues. i will be back on friday night.
    10. deer&ducks
      Hey this is shawn and I changed my email address and had to reregister so this is my new address. deerandducks@gmail.com and my user name for this is deer&ducks.
    11. Rut Junkie
      Rut Junkie
      Ha, dawg, did i meet you at the G2G?
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